Compassionate Response
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Direct Response
Compassionate Response is committed to expanding field work to include new locations where natural disaster has resulted in a loss of life and the inevitable traumatized reactions of the survivors. This form of crisis intervention can continue for years after the initial event. Working with other local agencies, survivors are helped either in their relocation area or at the site of their new communities.

Training and Education
Field teams are composed of those who have worked in the caring professions and have a high skill level in working with people in trauma. However, this unique form of intervention is a constant learning experience. Protocols and evaluation tools are taught in the field and new circumstances call for the development of new approaches. There is ongoing direct supervision and debriefing with all team members.

A Field Internship program provides the opportunity for individuals to join the team and provide supervised counseling intervention at the site of the disaster. Field Interns are carefully selected for inclusion in this experience.

Workshops and courses are presented outside of the field setting at various venues. Courses such as Compassionate Communication in a Multi cultural Environment: Healing the other by communicating with the universal inner spirit emphasize communication through active listening, an understanding of the cultural, religious and historical aspects of the other and expressing compassion and healing in effective ways. An ongoing supervision of participants through an online blog - open only to participants - provides an opportunity for all to test their skills, receive continued mentoring and share experiences and wisdom.